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It was some time ago that I saw this connection in my name and my work ... and finally as I prepare to update everyone with an epic encounter of where I am at, what I have been up to and what is coming - It felt like some expression of wanted to come out in the form of a logo - so here it is.

I am looking forward to diving in deeper into this period of manifestation, realisation and creation - I am really enjoying the unfolding of my art connecting with authentic expressions of truth from heart centred living as my workshop and sharing platform Priestess Of Creation is evolving.

In upcoming news there will be updates about latest commissions, books, workshops, music and 2017 projects. You can sign up for the news letter here

Catch ya later - in the mean time keep finding more ways to bring heart centred living into your life ... how can you love yourself and others more today?


Tuesday, 28 June 2016


With new projects and creative endeavours are on the horizon after a much needed time away for space and re-evaluation and it's so good to be back in England and getting things done. New art projects started, new commissions on the way, end of illuminated public art finally delivered, and also very excitingly the re-working of something to bring into new form .... ooh exciting times ahead. I'm also very pleased to say that I have finally started figuring out what my workshops/courses would look like that support my art practice... of course I do many workshops that support specific projects but this will be a bit different so I look forward to launching that soon...

...And most importantly this morning .. I would like to say thank you to everyone who has been part of my art career/projects/work so far, (Of course I believe it began as soon as I took my first breath here on this planet! But...) especially within the last 6 years. From that pivotal moment I woke up one morning and asked myself what would I regret not doing if I were to die today - "Making art in my kind of way" was the answer; to draw, write, move, perform, take pictures, sing, make stuff and be in stuff ... any stuff that felt right, as a channel of my authentic expression and voice in life ... and wow ... Thank you everyone who has joined me on this journey so far. I am so grateful for all the collaborations and EVERYONE who got involved one way or another to inspire and support my journey... there are so may I will not even begin to mention names or categories of relations ... but you have helped change my world beyond compare and helped me transform into who I really am meant to be (at least ... I'm getting there ...still work in progress!), to reclaim my confidence in my self and have courage to artistically share my voice with others.
I would particularly like to take this moment to thank Lighthouse Centre for the Arts Poole, who saw something in me when, when by default of the Study Gallery closing and my mini artist residency disappearing overnight, I found myself wearing a ball gown, making fake artefacts, writing stories into a wall projection in a half lit gallery and being offered to be their artist in residence. 'Yes please' .. Now 5 years into our professional relationship I am really proud to continue as Associate Artist at Lighthouse and want to express my gratitude for helping birth some of the best and most surprising creative expressions of my life. Thank you.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

40 Pages of Pilgrimage Film Documentation

This short film is the documentation of the dividing up of Hazel's artist journal. 

40 days walking, 40 pages of art and writings journalled in Hazel's Pilgrim Diary. 

In September and October 2015, Hazel embarked on and completed her 40 day pilgrimage journey. 40 pages were created, documented and sent out to Page Pilgrims who had bought a page upfront by choosing a number from her book. 

Hazel is currently composing and writing the book to tell the story of her pilgrimage journey, her experience, reflections, drawings, poetry and why she did it. 

About Hazel:
As a multi-disciplinary artist, Hazel Evans uses illustration, poetry, sound, performance and installation as she blurs the boundaries between illustration and performance.

Threads that run through Hazel's work include themes of communication, scientific and self discovery as well as journeys. Hazel's art practice explores interior and exterior landscapes of the body, mind and soul; how we situate ourselves as beings in our external environments and the stories we hold in our bodies.

© Hazel Evans 2015 - 2016

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Shadow Dancing in The Palace

A poem I wrote on the reflections of the awakening soul. 

Inspired by my own personal journey and the folklore stories of The Red Shoes, Rapunzel and Cinderella.

Shadow Dancing in The Palace

Ode to the seduction
Delicious in the dark
Safe so spacious comfort
In discomfort you stay apart

Separate from your shining self
The soul of who you really are
Seductive ego dancing
Those red shoes carry you far

Dancing dancing into the night
Decadent smiling faces
Emerging from the shadows
Alluring in dark places

Inner chaos
Anger, frustration, fear, pain
Step outside your pain-body to see
The ego fighting you again

Take a moment of reflection
just a moment to see
that all that is happening
belongs not to you and me

Stories from the past
condition our today
Patterns replay unconsciously
And haunt us in every way

Anger smothers sadness
Hooked from memories before
Times when we've been let down
And now we fight to score

So the battle is never over
And we choose to live in the dark
Expectations never fulfilled
Disappointment fuels the spark

We live out the story
Avoiding the poisoned cup
Afraid to let the ego die
for what it might drag up

So we learn to cover the mirror
Avoid to see inside
The truth of our hurting
And prefer to live in lies

A messy web of avoidance
everything of pain
Inside the castle walls so high
Never to be seen again

Loyal guardians on every entrance
Pretending to be so strong
For a moment you'll feel protected
thinking here's where you belong

But the truth has ways of leaking
It seeps though barricades
Wearing masks of ego
That come in many shades

Creeping through the darkness
Leaking through every wall
Distortions of your every self
Dance you till you fall

Dancing through the crowds
At your masked ball of delight
Twirling in colourful costumes
Disguised in the night.

'Take this pill of unconsciousness'
Whisper voices of your fears
'Best not show your true self
You've been so hurt through the years'

'I'll keep you safe, I am your friend
Just slip into illusion
Come dance with me into the dark
We'll enjoy this party of delusion'

Smoking the pipe of disbelief
trance into your shadow self
Proud to hide emotions
Giving you sense of wealth

And for every penny pocketed
You'll wear your medals with pride
Dancing like a peacock
Whist your soul is left to hide

'Come dancing with me' shadows sing
'I'll dance you into the void
A-void-dance thus not to see
So your mind stays employed'

Dancing still dancing
Twirling through nights and days
Faces, places, leave no traces
Life feels like it's a blaze

But in this powerful palace
Illusions leak from every wall
The face showing off gets so tired
Dancing the eternal ball

Your feet, they get so weary
Wrinkled face behind the mask
Sadness in this lonely space
How long can this facade last?

Cracks appearing on every wall
As truth leaks its path
Your paintings cover pealing layers
No longer holding fast

All guests have left the party
Some have woken for the muse
Some have bitten the apple
Yet you're still dancing in red shoes

And in the darkened corridor
A soft and lonesome voice
Echoes through now empty rooms
You know you have a choice

Visit the place in this lonely home
A place you have disowned
Dark, dusty, with a hidden key
Where all visits are postponed

Inside the mirrors stay covered
To defend your precious life
Because visions of the truth
Feel like a cutting knife

See the battle is never over
When we choose to ignore our pain
We project it onto others
So they are the ones to blame

We think it keeps us safe
So we don't have to show
The vulnerable little self inside
Still hurting from long ago

Pass over the responsibility
And wear the face of smile
Wear the mask of victim
So you're not guilty in the trial

But hurt people, hurt people
And deny their source of fear
Pretending to be someone else
And lock in every tear.

The ones wearing beautiful masks
In the theatrics of the ego
Are the ones who are also hurting
Who keep fighting to be the hero

Do you think it could be possible
For you to lift away the veil
On every single dusty mirror
Hanging in your self made jail?

Own up to your darkness
Choose the lantern bright
Dare to show your vulnerable self
And give up this useless fight?

Put down the knife
Allow yourself to cry
It's okay to feel emotions
And give up the living lies

Come down from your tower
And feel your beating heart
It's safe to take the masks off
And make a shining start

Stop the never ending music
Of the chorus of the mind
Sink into your body
Join the soul you left behind

Take off your dancing shoes
Peal off layers from the wall
Start taking down the bricks
Go to the voice down the hall

You know where the key is
Upon your heart inside a locket
As the inner voice calls so loud
It's no longer fair to block it

The tiny self silenced inside
Has been calling for attention
To come out and see the light
Break free from false convention

Yes, reach for the door
Unlock your way to truth
Listen to your inner wisdom
halt the battle, call a truce

Open up the curtains
Let light flood inside
Feel the warming glow
Of your heart beat so alive

It's time to lift the veil
Upon the mirror to your soul
Allow soft power, vulnerability
Let yourself feel whole

You don't need those shoes
To dance your way into the light
Surrender for truth to shine in
And let your soul shine bright.

© Hazel Evans 2016

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Slicing And Splicing Coming Soon

I would like to share with you a little about the Pilgrimage and the evolution of the project since finishing the journey in late October.

I returned to England after the Pilgrimage, landing back into a life I once knew, familiar faces and places after a significant time in my own energy. Within me, stirrings of how the pilgrimage had changed me and my internal landscapes, so some integration time was needed for this.

I knew the next part of the 40 Days of Pilgrimage project would be to cut the book up, separating the individual pages, and send them to the respective Page Pilgrims. But it didn't come to me to do this whilst in England in November. There were still 2 pages to be sold, and it was upon the selling of the last page that I knew this phase was now complete and I could move onto the next part of the project.

For those who know my work already, you will know that I am very process orientated and working with the inner and outer landscapes of body, earth and soul, is one of the major themes of my work, so if it doesn't feel right on the inside I need to honour that. This is when I realised once again that my art has it's own process by which I feel guided and thus remain in line with it's integrity. So I can't just cut the book up, film it, post it, put it on line and be done with it. I have now found a special spot where I shall separate the pages of the book and am intending to film this in the next 10 days then send the pages out to the Page Pilgrims.

I have realised that this project has it's own motion of evolving. I saw this also happening as I was creating the book. After about 10 days on the pilgrimage I could see the book beginning to show me what was going on and I became an observer in my own story. I look forward to the next phases of this project.

The next phases will be something like this:
  • Film dividing the pages of the book
  • Send the pages to Page Pilgrims
  • Put the book together for publishing – digital preparation of artwork, writing the story of the journey from my notes, the book and my diary, editing and selecting photographs. Publishing (online and/or hard copies)
  • Preparation for exhibition and sharing of the project more widely.

Thank you for joining me on this profound journey. To walk a pilgrimage is something I have wanted to do for about 10 years, it also reflects the pilgrimage to the heart I have undertaken with myself over these years and I very much look forward to writing this story and sharing it with others.

Best wishes
Lots of love


Wednesday, 18 November 2015

All Sold - Now Onto Next Phase

The end of my pilgrimage happened a few weeks ago now, and a few days ago the last page was sold. So now the next phase of the project can begin. I am to find a special location where the cutting up of the book can be filmed and prepare the artwork for the final pilgrimage, to be sent to destinations around the world to the Page Pilgrims.